You have to be a little crazy to be seen.


Crazy Film Production is a serious, professional film production armed with a healthy extent of craziness. No matter, if classic TV-commercial, social media spot, making-of or image film: We are crazy about staging aesthetic scenes and telling unconventional stories, which stand out from the crowd. Our clients include large and small companies, tourism associations, musicians and many more. We always work in a small, flexible team and according to the motto “imagination knows no bounds.”

“But my budget does”, you might think? No problem! Because we are crazy enough to arrange great cinema even with small means.


Crazy for sleepless nights, coffee and perfection.

Backwelt Pilz
Estée Lauder Companies
HB Fließen
Hofbräu Kaltenhausen
Parov Stelar Voodoo Sonic


Crazy for well-known brands – and those who aren’t yet.


Crazy for action.


Alexej Sigalov always wanted to make films. But he didn’t. At a young age he made 3D visualizations in the field of architecture and also worked as interior designer in his hometown Kiew, Dubai, Moscow and Milan. Since 2012 he is based in Linz (Upper Austria), where he studied at the University of Arts and became a successful filmmaker at Crazy Film Production. What – apart from various awards – distinguishes him is the fact that he can do everything by himself – from the first idea to the final cut. In particular his strengths are film direction, camera, post-production and set design, which he can do perfectly due to his experience as interior designer. How one does manage all this? The answer is simple: You have to be a little crazy.